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Hired this company because I just returned from deployment and was relocating. I had a couple of large pieces that I figured it would be in better hands of professionals. HA! All were damaged! Also, I was reassured that it would be cheaper than a POD. Initial estimate was...was quoted "$1300" but paid an additional $3500 for them to release my stuff to me. I had NO choice because I'm in the military and my uniforms were with all my household goods.

They picked up my stuff at 6pm, originally supposed to be there at 10am. Didn't finish loading my stuff until 10pm--I was in a Public Storage and had to be outside of the gate by 9:30pm!! We helped the guys move my stuff outside if the gate so we could complete the move and start my drive to the NorthEast. The guys told me that they had a move 20 mins up the road, however my CAT scale ticket -or tickets for that matter-- DID NOT MATCH!! Total fraud.

I was also told that my stuff would stay in the same truck and be up north in 5 days. NOT THE CASE!! I got it 10 days later and all my furniture was damaged. I took pictures and contact Ben OR SIMON OR SHIMON (unsure of his REAL name since he always gave me a different story!) to inquire about the CAT scale tickets. Hoping it was just an honest mistake. NOPE! He has yet to contact me after several attempts. Damaged furniture, 4000 lb discrepancies, overcharged, lack of communication...COMPLETE FRAUD AND DISRESPECT!!!! DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!

After contacting legal about this, turns out I GET SCREWED. Legal said I can waste time and money to go after this company to get some money back for all my damages and the OBVIOUS ILLEGAL OVERCHARGE but they said "good luck trying to get any payment from them."






CELL 954-612-1261

US DOT 2088118

MC 728651

Nice way to screw over a U. S . TROOP WHO JUST RETURNED FROM A COMBAT ZONE!!

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